Honey Herbal Beauty Clinic Thermolysis Centre



Honey Herbal beauty Clinic is one of the oldest and reputed Beauty Clinics of Bhopal. Mrs. Asha Behl established the Parlor in 1984 in Chandigarh and moved to Bhopal in 1988.

Mrs. Behl is the Chairperson of the clinic and is specialist in Hair Cut, Massage, Body Spa, Stylish make-ups, Skin and Hair Treatments and Thermolysis.

We are located in one of the best locations of new Bhopal in a huge facility with advanced technology equipments and best quality service. We have a large staff constantly working to provide best services to their customers

Our main focus is quality and hygiene and we constantly strive for that. The staff is well trained and experienced, offering advanced services in Skin, Hair and Body Shaping.

Our Clinic is one of the first to provide Thermolysis - Permanent hair removal technique with guaranteed results and most satisfied customers.

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